Meaningful account management

Intelligent Online Scheduling

Kordinator automates and augments connectivity. 

  • Streamline your operations with prebuilt workflows 
  • Capture quality leads using worksite scheduling and enrollment
  • Easily connect with clients using online appointment scheduling tool
  • Close sales more efficiently with contextual and personalized follow-ups

Natural Language Processing

Enhance your service process and improve your bottom line with automation 

  • Handle a larger number of members with automated contact points
  • Preschedule appointments with the online booking tool
  • Respond to users inquires 
  • Coordinate with stakeholders using the secure communication channel

Optimize loss ratios, adjust expenses, and increase member satisfaction.

Service Automation

Increase productivity and efficiency with customized solutions matching your needs. Provide the highest level of support with:

  • A customized  engagement lifecycle
  • personalized communication
  • enterprise grade scheduling
  • machine learning based document indexing

Kordinator’s  cloud based solution offers a seamless implementation, integrating with all major CRM and calendar systems.