Agent Helpdesk

Context Sensitive Help For Agents

Divert Inquiries from Call Center 

Provides step by step help to quote, issue and service products.

  • Faster then calling the call center 
  • Semi automated and manual mode of configuration
  • Improved knowledge and  understanding by Agents on products 
  • Mobile enabled on demand help for Agents

Kordinator’s  cloud based solution offers a seamless implementation, integrating with all major CRM and calendar systems.

Intelligent Online Scheduling

Schedule time when all else does not work.

  • Preparation for a schedule call results in first contact resolution 
  • Helpful reminders and information for successful call 
  • Integrated with all major calendaring systems 
  • Multiple availability models – team, pool and dedicated 

Natural Language Processing

State of the art AI implementation  

  • Handle a larger number of queries with automated contact points
  • Models trained easily for your specific product lines 
  • Reinforced learning enables solution to learns as it goes  
  • Engage with all stakeholders using the secure communication channel

Optimize loss ratios, adjust expenses, and increase member satisfaction.