Scheduling Tool

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling

Automated Appointment Scheduling

The cloud-based intelligent system works as an assistant to:

  • Secure appointments with timely and appropriate follow-ups
  • Connect with consumer using non-intrusive preferred contact
  • Increase retention and renewal rates with appropriate contact

Kordinator’s cloud-based solution offers a seamless implementation, integrating with all major CRM and calendar systems.

Employee Training and Compliance 

Get higher show up rate for your employee training progrtams:

  • Mobile-enabled on-demand help that is quicker than contacting the call center
  • Semi-automated and manual mode of configuration
  • Informational resource and reference for trainers

Kordinator is here to support your HR training needs.

Automation To Streamline Scheduling 

Cutting edge AI implementation with natural language processing that can:

  • Automate no-show reminders and send invite for compliance
  • Comprehend and send appropriate reply to simple inquires
  • Ensure security. A private communication channel connects all stakeholders

Expect to optimize, reduce expenses, and increase participation.