CRM Automation

Pipeline Development With Automation




Product-Specific Automation

Let technology enhance your workflow.

Close more leads with:

  • Product-line specific automation
  • Consistent outreach communication
  • Lead-targeting motivated customers
  • Timely recycled leads

Finding the right leads is fast and easy.

Schedule Efficiently

Retention and renewal is built-in.

Keep the communication flowing with:

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Group appointments
  • Effective reminders
  • Automated digital signatures

Timely communication keeps customers connected.

How do I use it? 

We work hard to make the integration of Kordinator seamless for your organization. Kordinator can be accessed through a web application or a CRM like Salesforce. Import and export functions are built-in to configure your workflow to suit you and your organization’s needs.

What can automation do for me?

Kordinator will help you and your organization by optimizing and streamlining your sales. Kordinator provides actionable insights on your prospect list as well as automating the post sales account management process.

What are “insights,” and why do I need them?

Insurance brokers can better server their clients by offering them products that limit their exposure to risk and suits their needs. Kordinator’s insights highlight potential risks and recommends the precise product for your client’s needs.

Wait, what if I don’t want to automate something?

Don’t worry, full control over automation is in your hands. You may choose to automate (or not) any function you would like. It is up to you if you would like to automate scheduled meetings, reminders, or email responses.

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