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You work hard, let technology enhance your sales process to close more leads.

  • Data analytics for insights to enhance your sales process
  • Aggregates open data and machine learning for insights
  • Keep existing customers loyal by providing the right amount of protection
  • Maximizes customer lifetime value


Now you can achieve higher retention rates and increased AUM.

  • Automatic appointment setting
  • Intelligent automated attendant to perform customer service, marketing and policy changes
  • Proactive follow-up and service to reduce policy lapses
  • One click check-in with policyholders for higher retention


Every insurance broker and insurance company needs a smart toolset to improve operations. Now you can close more leads and retain more existing customers.

  • An automated attendant to take on any repetitive tasks that don’t add value to your bottom line.
  • Automatic online scheduling & pre-scheduling of appointments to give customers instant feedback
  • Proactive contextual and timely follow-ups to increase your sales
  • Automated reminders to customers when auto-insurance is due for renewal to maintain clients and save more lives
  • Smart suggestions for additional insurance based on individual needs and situations to upsell existing customers
  • Clever segmentation of customers to optimize agency spend

How will automation help me?

Kordinator is here to optimize and streamline sales, and post sales account management by giving you actionable insights on your prospect list as well as by automating the post sales account management process.

What if I don’t want to digitize everything?

You are in full control here. You may choose to automate any or all functions like email responses, reminders, meeting scheduling, or you may choose to only automate one of them.

How will insights help me?

Insurance brokers have the potential to serve their clients better by offering the most well suited products and eliminating any exposure to risk. Kordinator insights highlight the risk and recommend the products to the client’s exact needs.

How does it work?

Kordinator is accessible directly as a web application or can easily integrate within your CRM or prospecting system. Easy import and export functions are built-in as well as the option to configure workflows to best suit you. We work hard to make the adoption of Kordinator as friction-less as possible.

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