How it Works

Next Generation Customer Service with AI

  • 1- Model Training

    • AI models are built and trained using historical customer support tickets and an organization knowledge base, which enables our customer's Level 1 support team to perform as their Level 3 support team.
  • 2- Channels

    • Customer service inquiries are machine-read within the CRM tool of customer's choice, without any complicated integration.
  • 3- Artificial Intelligence

    • Customer inquiries are vectorized and mapped to the deep learning neural network which results in the best resolution response. The responses with the highest confidence scores are presented to the customer service rep for faster, more uniform customer service.
  • 4- Quick Resolution

    • Machine matched responses can be approved and immediately sent back to the customer or the case can be escalated for further review.
  • 5- With kordinator, you can expect: