Color your data alive!
Remove noise from your leads data






Magnify your leads with external source data

• Lifestyle data to personalize prospects

• Positive lead management at top of funnel

• Leads qualified with propensity to buy

• Direct your sales efforts for highest ROI

How do I know that these methods will fit with my organization?

The algorithms applied are specific to insurance and benefits industry.

I’m very excited to see the results! How long until I can start analyzing the data?

The results from Canary data analysis can be seen in real time for individual leads .

What are the other “Internal Datasets ” that can be added to the data tool?

This depends on what kind of additional data you are collecting. Signal can be found in many different type of datasets.

What about data privacy and protection of my data?

The data that you collect as an organization is your’s. Canary only augments the lead when a match is found from our dataset and displays it to you. We do not store any of the processed data.

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