AI toolset enhancing the workflows of insurance brokers






You work hard, let technology help you work smarter to close more leads.

  • Be more efficient & increase your sales
  • Manage your customers throughout the entire journey
  • Keep existing customers loyal by providing them additional solutions for their individual needs
  • Intelligently communicate with potential leads to increase your close rate


Every insurance broker needs smart tools to improve operations. Now you can achieve higher retention rates and increased AUM.

  • An intelligent automated attendant to take on repetitive tasks
  • Automatic online scheduling of key appointments to stay compliant
  • Proactive follow-ups action alerts to increase your sales
  • Automated key reminders to policyholders resulting in higher retention


Every insurance broker and insurance company needs a smart toolset to improve operations. Now you can close more leads and retain more existing customers.

  • An automated attendant to take on any repetitive tasks that don’t add value to your bottom line.
  • Automatic online scheduling & pre-scheduling of appointments to give customers instant feedback
  • Proactive contextual and timely follow-ups to increase your sales
  • Automated reminders to customers when auto-insurance is due for renewal to maintain clients and save more lives
  • Smart suggestions for additional insurance based on individual needs and situations to upsell existing customers
  • Clever segmentation of customers to optimize agency spend

Are you saying a robot will make sales for me?

No. The Kordinator solution is here to make your life easier by automating repetitive things that don’t really add value to your business. Sending reminder emails about insurance that will run out soon is a great example – the customer will appreciate the friendly reminder and they don’t need to get on the phone.

What if I don’t want to digitize everything?

You are in full control here. You may choose to automate email responses, reminder emails, meeting scheduling, or you may choose to only automate one of them. It’s your business and it’s completely up to you. You may also adapt these options at any time as your business progresses.

How do I know that this solution will make me more efficient?

Most insurance brokers have the potential to be up-selling or making much more sales, but what they are missing it a more organized overview and more time to talk to potential new leads. Kordinator offers both of those things with this automated attendant to let you focus on the important stuff.

How secure is my data?

We build our products with the utmost secure architecture and coding standards. Each new update undergoes extensive testing to make sure that nothing can be accessed from the outside as we understand and appreciate how important data protection is.

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