Over 80% of customers expect response to support within half a day.

Can you really keep that promise? With Kordinator you can.

Increase Satisfaction

Customers who can reach you at any time are happy customers. Especially if they don’t have to get on the phone and sit on hold.

Reduce Inbound Calls

Upon first contact, customers will go through the smart platform where over 80% of issues are resolved. The remaining are specifically assigned to agents based on their expertise.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Less money lost on customer service inefficiency, means more money spent on the core of your business where you most excel.

Customer Service Reinvented

Kordinator offers your customers less waiting times, quicker resolutions, greater flexibility, and overall instant gratification. You get to focus on your core business and increase your bottom line.

Upgrade to the next generation of customer service.


Using artificial intelligence, automated responses are instantly given to customers without the need for human intervention. Responses are carefully constructed using the advanced algorithm which is at the base of Kordinator.


Incidents that do reach agents, are delivered with all of the relevant information to fully prepare the agent for their interaction. As a result, the tickets are quickly & successfully resolved, and the customer has a great user experience.


All interaction with customers, whether human or automated, is collected and analyzed to improve the Kordinator algorithm. The more data is fed into the system, the more it improves, and the more your customer will smile.